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Taylor made multi-component nanocrystals with plasmon-exciton interactions for fluorescence enhancement and sensing (DFG research grant)

In the framework of this project various all-inorganic nanoheterostructures containing at least one plasmonic and one fluorescent domain (that is mostly one metallic and one semiconducting compartment) are synthesized. The research is focused on tuning the interactions of these two compartments e.g. by varying the distance between the two by a spacer material. Finally their applicability for sensory applications (e.g. by key-lock recognition mechanisms, see figure) will be evaluated.

Localized surface plasmon resonances (LSPRs) in heavily doped (degenerated) semiconductor and oxide nanocrystals prepared by colloid chemistry (DFG research Grant)

This project aims at the synthesis of a new class of plasmonic nanocrystals. While so called localized surface plasmon resonances (LSPRs) are nowadays a well-known and well investigated phenomenon in noble metal nanoparticles, hardly any alternatives for these materials have been suggested. Therefore, this project intends to synthesis heavily doped oxide and semiconductor based nanocrystals with plasmonic properties. Finally, this new type of plamonic nanoparticles will be investigated with respect to the possibility to replace commonly used gold (and other noble metal particle) in LSPR based sensoric applications.